CIEBI organized 2 regional meetings to present the project at regional level, with an approximate duration of 2 hours each. These meetings took place in the cities of Covilhã and Castelo Branco and were attended by 45 participants from business incubators, technology parks, universities, start-ups, and from other target audience. The audience was mostly composed by young entrepreneurs, students who are planning to start their own business and experienced entrepreneurs (owners or managers of SMEs) from the region. The presentation was focused on the requirements and benefits of the programme and the stages of the exchange process. During the presentation it was presented the new EYE animation video explaining the functioning of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and other videos of success stories of New Entrepreneurs and Host Entrepreneurs who have participated previously in the Programme. During and after the presentation the participants expressed interest and enthusiasm and presented many questions and doubts about the programme. In this context, CIEBI has focused their attention to the program’s benefits, especially to those participants who expressed interest in participating as Host Entrepreneurs. At the end of the meetings CIEBI has established direct contacts with potential New Entrepreneurs and Host Entrepreneurs who asked us for more information about the Programme and expressed interest in submitting an aplication. However, due to its intense period of work with their own business and the holiday period approaching, it was agreed to establish a new contact with them during the month of September to clarify any doubts and queries, provide them more information about the programme, encourage them to participate and provide them guidance, assistance and support on the registration process in the IT Management Tool.

In order to reach more efficiently the results and objectives of the programme, CIEBI planned to organize 2 additional meetings to present the project in articulation with organizations that support business and start-ups. These meetings were scheduled in the months of September/October, in the cities of Guarda and Fundão.