Host entrepreneur profile

Host entrepreneur profile


As a host entrepreneur you can participate in the programme if:

  • You are a permanent resident in one of the Participating Countries;
  • You are the owner-manager of a small or medium enterprise OR a person directly involved in entrepreneurship at SME board level;
  • You have been running a company for more than 3 years;
  • You are willing to share your knowledge and experience with a new entrepreneur and act as a mentor.

Benefits of being a Host Entrepreneur are:

As a host entrepreneur (HE), you can benefit from fresh ideas from motivated New Entrepreneurs on their business. NE may have specialised skills or knowkedge in an area you do not master, and the other way around. Most HE enjoyed the experience so much that they decided to host other NE afterwards.

It is really a win-win collaboration whereby both of you can also discover new European markets, business partners or different ways of doing business.

On the longer-term, NE and HE will benefit from wide networking opportunities, and, possibly, decide to continue their collaboration, possibly as long-term business partners.

Some of our HE:


  • Jose’s Architecture and landscape studio developing projects that combine both disciplines. Their work has been nationally and internationally recognised through several contests, awards and specialised magazines. The new entrepreneur who works with him would participate in the daily life of the agency, working on the development of ongoing projects, competitions, and research and communication tasks. More specifically they will participate in the study of transformation processes for the realization of project concepts; representation of the proposed projects, collaboration in the writing of contests, in discussions of the development of the projects, among others.

  • Nuria’s company has developed an integral fuel leak detection system that allows to 24/7 monitor any facility. Using a modular design and unique IoT technology, product integration can fit any requirements. She is looking for a highly motivated entrepreneur.

  • Sara’s company was founded in 1915. Nowadays, 40% of its production is dadecated to export sales. This company focuses its productivity on meeting the most varied and demanding markets in the founding of iron as well as in the building of special machinery with both, the customer’s or our own drawing. She is looking for acquiring and sharing innovations, know how, experiences with other people and professional like her.

  • Guillermo’s business was founded in 2010 providing services through its mobile workshop. Since then the spirit of continuing to improve customer service has led us to open a modern and dynamic work centre that has an experience and enthusiasm for service to the automotive industry. He is looking for a motivated person, with passion for cars and a little knowledge of mechanics.

  • Ariana’s company is a team of experienced programmers and engineers. They integrate with client’s team to help them to reach their goals and bring their digital projects to life. Ariana’s company vast experience allows them to anticipate problems and to quickly find the best solutions. The NE should be motivated and proactive. We are a digital programming company so we would happy to host entrepreneurs with either marketing/digital design or programming profile. 


  • Marc’s company is connecting the luxury of ultimate accommodation comfort with the freedom and peace of a natural environment. It combines two conflicting desires: comfortable accommodation and the experience of freedom and peacefulness of a genuine nature environment. His company is a solution of joining those two desires of a modern tourist in a perfect luxury of freedom experience. They seek for excellent interpersonal and communications skills so the mentoring process can actually produce quality knowledge. NEs should be proactive, efficient and organized due to unsteady and changeable atmosphere in this field of business. We appreciate enthusiasm and self-motivation to perform given task and to gladly work in team. NE should have excellent knowledge in Microsoft Office Outlook, Word, and Excel as well as excellent command / highly proficient in spoken and written English (German, Slovenian and Italian are preferable but not crucial). NEs must also be familiar with using social media and other online tools to generate interest in a business.

  • Marija runs an online and onsite specialized store with health products from different brands – cosmetics, gifts, food, books. She is looking for a communicative and willing to promote the values that Atmarama represents.

  • Janez runs a shop with small sized furniture, lighting and household appliances. NE should be creative, language skilled, being open for new cultures and customs, be prepared for new things and challenges and should be motivated to follow his/her dreams.


  • Aedan’s an entrepreneur with 30+ years’ experience in various business ventures including design, IT, telecoms and consultancy services. In addition, he has worked as a Business Doctor for 15 years assisting entrepreneurs in their start-ups to evolve, find and develop products/services and bring to market. He is looking for an entrepreneur with either graphic design, digital media, marketing qualifications/skills, possibly trying to establish their own marketing consultancy or agency and willing to work with the CEO to coordinate the upgrade of Epa Ventures’ online presence and deal with social media providers, website designers and other service providers. This would be a chance for the new entrepreneur to broaden their skills base, gain valuable experience from a seasoned entrepreneur and assist in developing their own business and take it to the next level.
    Any prospective new entrepreneur will gain fresh insight into how to perfect their start-up idea, business plan and improve their own understanding of how an established business works.


  • Aline has a long-term experience in Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Crafts and Fashion designer. Her company is a workspace where projects are developed in areas such as Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Crafts and Fashion. The company stands out for the dynamization and dissemination of various events and activities such as workshops and exhibitions, among others, promoting a network of cooperation and sharing among professionals. In this space is also done a work of sharing knowledge through various workshops. These actions are aimed to stimulate the historical center and involve the population in some actions. She is looking for a creative person, dynamic, proactive, responsible and willing to experiment, to learn and share. Fashion Designer, Web Designer, Product Designer, Marketing, App Developer.

  • Clara has large experience in the organization and management of cultural events: exhibitions and workshops of painting, photography, urban art, and also developing projects related to contemporary creation. Her company focuses on design and production of cultural projects related to museology/museography, non-formal education, interpretation of heritage and contemporary creation. She is looking for a respectful, team-worker and proactive person. As she works in different areas, different profiles could be interesting: An interaction designer or software developer; an arquitect / exhibition designer, with 3d/render skills; a web / app designer.

  • Dores’s company is a cooperative of consulting and social intervention established in 2008. Its mission is to contribute to the development of individuals, organizations and the region through innovative strategies to promote equal opportunities, civic participation, education and training and social inclusion. She is looking for NE with basic social intervention competences; Work in online platforms; Concepts of sustainable development. Social/Youth entrepreneuship; CRS – Corporate social responsibility.

  • Diogo’s company is specialized in administrative and financial outsourcing services, namely in the areas of accounting, management (including software applications), taxation, human resources and investment support. The main aim is to promote the sustainable development of companies through the provision of administrative and financial services, tailored to each client, respecting their needs and budget. The NE who works with him needs to be fluent in English and basic understanding in Portuguese. NE also needs to have some experience and knowledge in International Relations and accountant systems.

  • Edite is running a regional radio station in which customer advertising is one of the main sources of his business. NE who work with hime needs some knowledge of portuguese recommended. Computers (MS Windows/Vista, Web 2.0 tools). Good communication, team work, creativity. Willing to learn and get an international experience. She is looking for a NE with whom he can you can establish partnerships to disseminate his services across borders and sharing good practices and innovative solutions for customer advertising.

  • Emilio runs a company specialized in financial and  accounting, management, taxation and investment support. He is looking for someone willing to share his knowledge and experience, both in terms of new tools and business application, but especially at the level of the new management methods in the exchange of multidisciplinary ideas in the form of transmission of information and interpersonal relationships.

  • Erico has a long-term experience as an architect. He founded his studio in 2003. Currently is responsible for a team of 7 people. Participated in several well known projects. In addition to the projects, contests and works, he participated in several exhibitions. NE who work with hme needs: Personal competences: flexibility ,emotional inteligence, reliability and coordination. Group and team competences: maintaining a positive group attitude and communication. Key competences: communication in foreign language (English) Cultural: to gain new viewpoints about purchasing and social media for work. Recognise different culture and observing transcultural development in Europe.

  • Filipe has a long-term experience in the field of law and advocacy, especially in the framework of banking law, insolvency proceedings, administrative and  tax law. He is willing to exchange experience and knowledge with the new entrepreneur and, if possible, establishing international partnerships. He is looking for a NE with knowledge of law and advocacy.

  • Graça’s company has been developing an intense activity in the acquisition and trade of granite, reaching a wide range of clients. The HE believes that EYE is a good opportunity to start the first step to explore new markets as well as Exchange knowledge and contacts with other companies from the same sector. She is loonking for a NE with knowledge in stone extraction.

  • Jaco has wide experience in his business field, and believes that the programme could be an excellent opportunity for sharing good practices and to get new ideas and approaches for current business, bringing benefits to both parties. He is looking for a NE with skills and knowledge in the specific area of life and not life insurance.


  • Achillios’s company is a professional training centre with a regional dimension certified as a peripheral Vocational Training Centre for the Region of Crete in the following sectors: Informatics, Tourism & Services sector, Economy & Business Administration and Transportation & Technical Professions. He is looking fo a NE with knowledge to support a European funding educational project unit.

  • Adrianna’s business was established in 2010 with the purpose of a) providing specialized counseling services to companies and organizations in the Private and Public Sector, and b) supporting unemployed and workers in their personal and career development. Her company places great value on teamwork and collaboration! Her company believes that if people with similar interests, needs and values undertake joint actions they will rise faster and easier to implement their common goal. For this reason, Her company encourages individuals to work together, cooperatively to maximize the results and benefits. Her company supports informal and formal working groups (associations, cooperatives and social enterprises) with a view to establishing and developing dynamic and effective Cooperatives, Social Enterprise and Associations. Her company is in favor of the social economy and entrepreneurship and we prove it through our work.

  • Damaris runs an educational organization specializing in preschool and early childhood. The NE needs to be goal setting, optimistic, visionary, drive and persistent, has communication skills. Decision making: To be confident in the decisions she/he makes. Business knowledge: To have a good general knowledge of the main functional areas of a business (sales, marketing, finance, and operations), and to be able to operate or manage others. Entrepreneurial knowledge: To understand how is to raise capital. Opportunity-specific knowledge: To get a good idea about the Greek Market and to know what she/he needs to do to bring his/her product or service to market.

  • Nannos business sector is advertising, promotion, printing, media and related products and services. He runs an internet marketing agency specialized in the Travel Industry. He is looking for NE with knowledges on Web Marketing, Web Designer, Web Developer, Marketing, Sales, Google Adwords.

  • Paulos’s consultancy company is based in Heraklion, Crete. It was established by professional economist with experience in Business Consulting, its main activity is to provide technical support to private and public sector. The consultancy company specialized object is the development of private and public investments, studies of economic interest, the development, submission and management of European programs and co-financed Programmes. He is looking for dynamic young people with passion and innovate. The new entrepreneur must have passion for work and background in economics and financial fields, computer-related knowledge and skills are important.

  • Pericles’s company is an experienced IT software and services provider delivering mission-critical software solutions that are ideal for handling huge volumes of data and providing super-fast processing, at the highest accuracy, security and reliability. Its main objective is to design, develop, customize and maintain integrated software systems, as well as, to provide advanced information technology services. Desirable skills and expertise from the sought NE include: – big data environments: OLAP/OLTP – telecom business operations – software engineering / ICT project management.

  • Galatea’s company is an integrated communications agency which provides to every client program a complete range of public relations, public affairs, advertising and an in-depth understanding of traditional and new media, as well as an insight into diverse audiences and stakeholders. They also provide the EU angle and strategic advice on the politically-driven activities of the European Parliament, European Commission and Council of Ministers – and coordinating the efforts needed at national-government level across the 27 EU-member countries. The NE she is looking for needs a background in innovation and entrepreneurship with strong digital skills is preferable. An engineering background with an MBA or a developer would also be also strong candidates, a motivated person that wants to learn and achieve specific goals during his/her stay in HE. Hard worker with a thirst to succeed. Strong interpersonal skills Competency in English is a prerequisite and willing to travel if necessary.

  • Gregor does executive coaching : a type of human resource development providing  positive support, feedback and advice to improve personal effectiveness in the business setting. The NE he would like to work with focuses on gender issues within the career development segment and exploring the social context of it.      

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