New entrepreneur profile

New entrepreneur profile


You can participate in the programme as a new entrepreneur if:

  • You are firmly planning to start a business, based on a viable business plan;
  • You have started your own business within the last 3 years.

Your (future) company or activity can be in any sector and there is no age limit.

However, you must also:

  • Be a permanent resident in one of the Participating Countries;
  • Have a concrete project or business idea, reflected in a business plan;
  • Be motivated and committed to collaborate during your stay with an experienced entrepreneur from another Participating Country; be prepared to contribute to the development of the host entrepreneur’s business and make your skills and competences available;
  • Be ready to complement the programme funds as needed to cover the costs of your stay abroad.

Some of our NE:


  • Pablo’s business plan is about a small road freight transport company.
  • Laura is working with marine beacons. These hardware devices are connected to specific software with the aim of reporting the activity of ships and boats in the coasts and critical water areas around the world. The Marine Beacons are low cost of implementation, and it’s possible to apply them in coastal shallow-water marine environments.
  • Mario’s Business Project is based on Computer and Artificial Intelligence applications with various fields of application such as Intelligent Cities, 3D object modelling, graphic archaeological documentation, heritage conservation and GIS.
  • Maria is focusing on GIS development for the environment and Smart Cities.
  • Alberto’s innovative study of architecture is concerned with the problems of society. The design process will be focused on the social behaviours being the main concept of the projects. 


  • Peter’s company provides strategic brand consultancy & management services for micro & small businesses. The long-term aim of the business is to become a sought-after, specialised consultancy partner to work within this field in Ireland. Following a successful first 18 months, the company is currently seeking to develop its management structure and hire staff as new sales & general opportunities in the market are being created. He is looking for a Consultancy Business.


  • Caterina is a photographer interested in social and politics reportage, information, etc. The project involves the creation of an independent study that deals both photo chronicle and  photojournalistic insights and also content creation for the third sector (e.g. for NGOs). She is looking for a communication agency or a freelance reporter.
  • Alessandro is a skilled financial professional with comprehensive experience in the global investment environment, offering a rare blend of operational, business development and technological expertise. His intention is to enable asset managers and insurers to take advantage of the latest regulatory constraints: 1) Propose new financial products that best fit customers’ needs 2) Increase asset managers’ margins on products placed within client’s accounts while following all new regulatory constraints (for example MIFID II and PRIIPS). He is looking for an experience abroad that can be functional to the creation of new business relationships focused on the reference market of the entrepreneurial initiative (asset management/wealth management/financial services) in order to expand the team with complementary skills and start fundraising activity that can sustain the entrepreneurial venture.


  • Adrial’s multidisciplinary company aims to be the first comprehensive architectural, design and branding services company in Crete, with an emphasis on local agricultural products and the tourism industry. The company intends to offer high quality services to create brands with distinct character that will reveal the identity of Crete, adopting a contemporary style, in order to stand in the domestic and international markets.
  • Calliope’s company actions are based on the IOT (Internet of Things) technology, which is rapidly growing around the globe over the last years and it is expected to grow even more the upcoming years. It concerns devices that exchange information with the user, either with the use of a local network or through an internet connection. Moreover, the company produces devices that exchange information through the mobile network system, without depending explicitly on internet use. That means that devices can operate through SMS messages or calls.

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