Maribor Development Agency.


MRA is accredited as regional development agency. In the framework of economic promotion MRA fosters internationalization of Podravje`s SME, marketing of the region and is also an active member of the European Enterprise Network. MRA is also the owner and the main stakeholder of the Štajerski Technology Park, that acts as regional incubator of Podravje region.

In 2012 MRA also established Open Innovation Lab, which became part of European Network of Living Labs (ENOLL) in 2013. It is dedicated to boost the competitiveness of micro as well as of small enterprises in the field of health&well-being and creative industries (design), which are the cross-themes of their endeavours. It is also member of Regional Development Agencies Association, which is also partner of EURADA.

Since 2000 it is actively involved in the European Enterprise Network (before: EIC) and so in daily contact with the companies, start-ups etc. In 2012 MRA designed special educational training for young people that are willing to start their own business but have not relevant knowledge/education.

ErasmusNET – e-novice #1 MRA

ErasmusNET – e-novice #2 MRA

Pobreška cesta 20, SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenija

(+386) (0)2 333 13 00