Managing Company of the Science and Technology Park of Crete SA


STEP-C SA was created in 1993 as an initiative of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), one of the largest Research Organizations in the country with the financial support of the EU, the National Government and the Region of Crete. Adept to the rapidly evolving needs of the region and the research advancements at FORTH and the local Academic and Research Institutions, STEP-C SA offers, in addition to incubating facilities and services to start up companies with new and emerging technologies, specialized professional services that are difficult to find under one roof and geared to assisting and guiding companies to:

  • Unleash their potential through innovation
  • Assess and secure their intellectual capital
  • Support better their business interests and needs
  • Transfer their technological advancements into the manufacturing of innovative products and services

During its 15 years of operation, STEP-C supported the business development of approximately 45 companies and developed various projects in order to promote Regional Innovation and entrepreneurial activity in the region.

Τhe Managing Company of Science and Technology Park of Crete STEP-C (EDAP SA) is a for-profit-organisation (SME) founded in 1993. It has 22 shareholders mainly from the private sector, where the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) and Bank of Piraeus are the main shareholders, holding 60% of the shares. The company is managed by a small team of experts with a wide scientific and business background.

The main objective of EDAP SA is to play the role of catalyst for innovation in the region of Crete and to participate actively in the development of small innovative companies-members of the incubator.

Next to this EDAP SA:

  • Undertakes Technology transfer and commercial exploitation of mature research outcomes
  • Supports the encouragement/attraction of SMEs to the Park
  • Promotes the Park products
  • Acts as a profesional educational centre by training of companies’ staff
  • Supports assessment, management and exploitation of intellectual property rights
  • Promotes and supports innovative entrepreneurship and incubates innovative start-up & academic spin-off companies

Moreover, EDAP SA cooperates with local enterprises and institutions and participates in various activities and programs. The company has a long experience in supporting local entrepreneurship in several business fields. It has implemented various national and EU funded projects related to academic and youth entrepreneurship, spin-off and start-up creation etc.  

The Park manages an Incubator of 4000 sq.m. floor space with  more than 100 offices and 12 labs, accommodating (at this moment) 25 technological and service companies in two buildings.  The companies, which reside on the Park premises, are active in the areas of Information & Communication Technology, Biotechnology, Laser Applications, Biomedical Technology and Services.

EDAP SA collaborates closely with the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), the largest Research Centre in Greece and has created an international network with various organizations and companies. Since its establishment it has provided support to several young/new entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into practice and hosted their start-up efforts in the incubation. It is member of the Hellenic Science & Technology Parks Association (ENETEP) founded in January 2006. The main goal of ENETEP is to support the development of closer cooperation between existing Science & Technology Parks and those created in the future. It is also a full member of the worldwide network IASP (International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation) and a member of the European EURAXESS Services Network.

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